World Snowkite Contest 2018 - SNOWKITE ROCCARASO

World Snowkite Contest 2018

The format of the competition is simple: no fixed route. Each rider has gps system will have to make more km, in the allotted time, more variations in altitude, more perimeter an more distance from the starting point.
All participants will have to leave the starting gate and return at the appointed time in the gate and will be relatively autonomous, there will in fact be a window of 15 minutes to go, and after a time of race have (30 min, 60min, 90min) to go over the gate and stop their gps.
Main parameters for the scoring system of the World Snowkite contest.
– Distance x 1.
The Riders must try to be as fast as possible in racing time
– Changes in altitude x 10
The contest rewards riders who will look for slopes and not navigate in flat areas
– Perimeter of the track x 6
The outer perimeter of the track is a computing system that distinguishes a rider who always travels in his own track by a rider who constantly tries to put his own skis or snowboard on unknown snow. It is the most important and most rewarding parameter of the race.
In 2018 we will be able to calculate exactly the perimeter without any error.
– Maximum distance from the starting point x 3.
The parameter pushes riders to look for the farthest point from the starting area to avoid traces too close to the starting point
Maximum speed: We will not include the maximum speed as parameter


– The limits of the spots will be uploaded with dangerous areas. The riders should not exceede this limits

– Riders have to start return on time.

– flying during the race will not be allowed-

For the 2018 edition we are designing a software that will calculate the tracks from a gps device or through the phone.
– Skipass for free
– 50 euro subscription cost
– 50% discount hotel

The competition does not have gps predetermined routes and each rider decides according to their possibilities the way to go. For this reason, the organization can’t limit the spot in amplitude but will indicate some major dangers but can not predict signs all over the spot. Each rider must be aware of the risks involved. Is advisable to study the spot before the race and eventually arriving in previous periods to test the field.

Please make sure to have:
– Shovel, Probe
A.R.V.A / A.R.V.T.A,
Enough water

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