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IKA Snowkite World Cup 2022


The Ika Snowkite World Cup will be held from 18th to 20th February 2022 in the AltoSangro Ski Area.  The disciplines are: Course Racing, Long Distance and GPSformula.
The Snowkite World Championship is organized and promoted by ASD OUTDOOR 360 and IKA; and has been carrying out some sponsorship formats and projects for years with the aim of proposing competitions and innovative forms of promotion. Today, after a continuous collaboration over the years with the Altosangro ski area and has decided to organize events that can bring further added value to the Companies and Territories hosting the events.
Some details:
1) Sponsorship Program 2022:
2) Teaser 2022
3) Previous Events:
Highlights 2022:
– Presence of the main National TV 
– 3 days of competition 
– Dedicated Press Office 
– Daily photos and videos 
– Apres Ski 
– One week pre-session training
– discounted price for hotels


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